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Salvador Dali


70x100 cm acrylic and metallic pigments on canvas

Year 2023


Salvador Dali was the very first artist I really discovered, as a young girl - and he really grasped my attention! We learned about him in school and I remember seeing his surrealistic artwork "The persistence of memory" and it hypnotized me in a way that I could stare at it for hours. 
Therefore he is an important character in my discovery of my passion for art, as well as a brick in the road to finding my own artistic self. 

I painted this piece up-side-down in my introduction at a teambuilding event for a company, and then layed the final details and golden pigments with an intention to look like melted gold to reflect how he often painted objects melted in his art. 

*The price includes 5% art tax, and a personalized certificate of authenticity 

* Freight is additional




kr 12 000,00Pris