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120 x 150 cm

Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf details

Year: 2024


I have an above average fascination for sharks, especially the great whites. They scare the hell out of me, but I also have great respect for these misunderstood creatures that is needed in our ecosystem.

Having lived in Australia for four years, and travelled countless times to Florida I have had some shark encounters, I have yet to see a great white in the wild, but my awareness about them started growing a while back. I installed the Ocearch app, which is a research non-profit organisation that do expeditions, track great whites, and research unattainable data in the ocean.  You can see the trails and current possition of their sharks and even mark your favorites to follow their journey. 

This painting is named after one of my favorites - Rose, and 10% of the profit from this painting will be donated to Ocearch. 


This painting can currently be viewed at Streetart Norge, Vulkan 15 Oslo. 


* The price includes 5% art-tax

* Freight is additional - contact me for freight outside Norway

* A certificate of authenticity comes with my originals




kr 48 000,00Pris