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Resolute ll

100x120 cm acrylic on deepedge canvas


Resolute was a painting originally done in the 9-day challenge in 2022 where 9 paintings were painted in 9 days, as an initiative for Ukraine in the war that just had started. Based on suggestions from followers on instagram/facebook, the motifes were chosen and one of the topics suggested were: "The strong will of those who never give up", which is the one that became "Resolute". It was formed by 4 different reference photos to get the exact positure wanted. 


When we were planning our first livestream paint session in our co-working/gallery space, I had visioned this painting in a larger scale, so that is how I made Resolute ll


  • Price includes 5% art tax
  • Freight is additional
  • Comes with a customised certificate of authenticity

Resolute ll

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