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Year: 2023

60x60 cm acrylic and metallic pigments on canvas


This piece is a tribute to the radiant feminine strength that just brings out an extra gear, like a paranormal superpower, an indescribable fire, glow and energy, that guides her through the biggest storms trying to damage, break and sink her ship! 


I get overwhelmed when I think about what women throughout the history of time have gone through and still face in many different aspects! We all have storms throughout life - small, big or unbearable beyond imagination, but I’ve seen this glow come through in many struggling women and it just fascinates me! Like a protective aura giving electroshock to anything trying to touch it. A deep fighter attitude mixed with hope, survivor instinct and a seventh sense.

Off course it doesn’t always prevent the storms from doing harm, damage and even sinking the ship. But it is evident in the resilience of women! 


The origin of this painting was pink october, for breastcancer awareness and support, and I just wanted to capture this female glow of resilience!



🎀 Breast cancer caused 685 000 deaths globally in 2020.

🎀 Roughly half of all breast cancers occur in women with no specific risk factors other than sex and age.
🎀 Breast cancer occurs in every country in the world.
🎀 Approximately 0.5–1% of breast cancers occur in men.



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kr 7 400,00Pris