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«Rainbow curves»

Year: 2023

100x120 cm acrylig on canvas


This piece was livepainted during Oslo Pride, at Pride club with Personlige Opplevelser and Female Artists Oslo in Høymagasinet. I painted it on stage during two nights, then completed it in my garage studio.


I chose to bring this curvy colorful nude to life on canvas in this setting to represent freedom to be who you are, your natural beautiful self, and the rainbow colors representing pride - fighting judgement, hate and prevention of being able to love who you want. 

An important aspect is also the judgement and barriers we put on ourselves. We are often our worst critiques.


This piece is inspired by the talented Uk artist Sophie Tea, that has been a major inspiration to me since I started painting. I attended an online paintsession with her and use the technique I learned from her in most of my work regardless of motif. 

Rainbow curves

kr 25 000,00Pris