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Acrylic on canvas

84 x 92 cm 

Year painted: 2023


This is the second piece in the series "Wild Eyes" where I interpret 10 of Alberto labrador´s photographs into paintings. Well, technically this exact one is the sixth, but I painted a colorful lion as a commission, but later on when I decided to make the series I painted another lion that was not a commission. Therefore I´ll let it keep the original number in line. 

I love lions. And I love painting them. There is a calmness and wiseness to the wildness, if that makes sence. I initially wanted to do the mane colorful with lots of splash, but decided to keep him minimalistic with rather just a touch of gold and bronze for his mane. It makes me feel like he is appearing from a dark space. 


*The price includes 5% art tax

*Freight is additional

*A personal certificate of autenticity is provided with this original piece. 

King Kuvam

kr 15 000,00Pris