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Original acrylic painting on deep edge canvas

Measures: 80x80cm

Technique: Acrylic pourpaint with metallic pigments, and paintbrush

Year: 2022


Artist statement:

"I am fascinated by feelings attached to facial expressions, and as I am deepdiving into capturing those expressions I found Joaquin Phoenix as "Joker" a perfect subject! The Joker to me is not at all about a cold-blooded killer clown, but the face of mental health where society fails on all levels. 

This unfortunately is the reality for many struggling with mental health issues today as well, even though it has become more common to talk about these issues"


Exhibited at Galleriet restaurant, the Thief Hotel at Art´n´soul and is currently in Via Showcase Vika Oslo in my studio/gallery space. 


* Art tax of 5% is included in the price

* Shipping is additional

* Contact for payment options - invoice, installments


A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the artist with the original painting


kr 36 000,00Pris