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100x100 cm acrylic on deep edge canvas

Year painted: 2022

Assorted glitters


Artist statement:
"Johnny Depp is my favorite actor of all times. Not only is he an extremely talented actor, but his so charismatic, calm, down to earth and kind. From what I´ve seen, he has always treated everyone with the same respect regardless of life situation, status and background, and fame does not seem to have got to his head. So I admire his character. This is a tribute to what he has been going through the last years, ending with the trail where he finally won the defamation suit against his exwife Amber Heard, who in 2016 filed an op-ed, headlined “I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath" where she indirectly accused JD for domestic violence. This nearly ruined his career and definately put a stop to it for many years to come, until he wan the case against her in 2022. In the courtroom the tables were turned and it was evidently her who abused him both physically and mentally. Ambers pshycology evaluation revealed two personality disorders, which also means she should be shielded from herself. I don´t thin any case deserves to be broadcasted like that in the media, no one should have to go through that in the public eye and with all the hate and mockery that was thrown in their faces. But in one way I think this case was nessecary for the society to see the turning of the initial cruil alligations turn the other way around. This was an important mark for male domestic violence victims. For a strong male figure that many people look up to, to talk openly about and speak up against domestic violence can help other men in this extreme taboo where they most likely feel very alone. I dont in any way suggest we should disregard or disbelieve any woman coming forward with abuse reports, because unfortunately this happens in a much higher scale to women than it does to men. But I think it is also important to talk about the fact that it also happens to men."


This painting is also available as fineart prints and limited edition of framed aluminum panels.


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